This is what Nikkie Tutorials earns with 1 instagram post

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If there is one Dutch girl in the Beautybizz that made it, it is definitely Nikkie Tutorials. From an age of fourteen she started making videos over on youtube. Nowadays she has over 10 million follower and can easily make a living of being an ‘influencer’ Actually, she is almost tipping the 11 million follower count as we speak. Although it seems a bit strange, whenever she hits that 11 million she will be worth even more. But she has not to complain about with her 10 million. With just one Instagram photo she almost earns half our yearly salary.

What does Nikkie Tutorials earn?

It shouldn’t surprise you that Nikki Tutorials is in the list of best payed beauty influencers in the biz. Who ever wants to work with her should dig deep into their wallets; it isn’t cheap to promote your products on Youtube by an influencer like her. Brands that want to reach Nikkie Tutorials’ 10 million followers are currently paying €13.000 for one photo. ONE PHOTO! Like this one:


Selfmade woman

If it isn’t goals to put on some make up, make a selfie, and earn €13.000 … I don’t know anymore. But, we can make jokes about influencer but Nikkie is one of those selfmade women’s who earned everything theirselves. She started when she was fourteen (SEE VIDEO BELOW) and grown out to be what she is now. I think it is just a matter of time till her planning will broaden and she will start her own make-up collection.


Check her first video:

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