Thoughts behind the Instagram II

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Posting a photo on Instagram everyday is what I want, but it turns out to be pretty hard actually. Of course I want to post 3 photos a day with three different outfits. But hé, I’m also a student and students are just low on moneys all the time. Altho I always say  ‘there ain’t no place where I ain’t posing’ it turns out I do not always have someone to shoot the images. When you are on a city trip you usually travel with a friend, or in my case my mom.


Which comes in pretty handy when you want to have your outfit on a picture for Instagram. My next city trip is a long weekend in Berlin, my favorite city of all! I just love the massive street art and the urban feeling trough out the city. Unfortunately it’s not November yet, so there is more to come about this beautiful city.

This post is about the photo’s of last month, which includes sunny Barcelona and more <3

1. At the beginning of August my hair became untamable and only a hat or a rubber band could hold it together. But I actually kinda like it this long!
2. This is actually an outfit I have posted before, and got a good amount of liked for it. So this was the same outfit but other pose, which I like really much!
3. This is a sponsored post for Royal Flora Holland, they invited me and Kelly for their boat at the Gay parade Canal parade. We had such a big blast!
4. So by the time this photo was taken my hair had grown out of proportion and it was time to go to the barbershop. I said, do something different, and this what it turned in to.
5. We arrived in Barcelona, and if you see a bar that is called ‘Bullocks’ you just can not just ignore that. Unfortunately it was closed 🙁
6. Same outfit, but other aesthetic. This was one hella windy stairway at the end of Barcelona beach. Nothing to do there, but he… we walked like 20 kilometers that day.
7. I don’t really own other swimwear than this short only a white tee would do. And after walking so much a good beach day was totally deserved
8. Only a few days after being back in Holland I created this huge addiction to Frosé (adult slushi) and now I am a proud owner of 5 frozen bottles of Rosé
9. I always say, a simple selfie is never wrong. Specially when you just done your hair, you feeling pretty. and the room is almost fully white for your aesthetic



12. This photo was for one of my blogposts, The burger t-shirt – outfit. And im just there trying to pretend I am not looking <3
10. In Barcelona is did some light colored clothing shopping and bought this white shirt. A never really had other white clothing than simple white t-shirts cause I just can’t keep them clean….
11. With my mind still in Barcelona, the beautiful busy street and the sunny weather im already planning my next trip to Berlin <3

Since Instagram doesn’t leave any place to fill in your thought behind your photo I put them on my own little created place on the internet. Every month I do a post with my favorite photo’s I posted the month before.


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