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My Instagram gives you a little sneakpeak into my life but you never really see whats behind it.

The small thoughts that pass your mind when you are posting or taking the photo are even more interesting than the captions underneath. Writing a whole story in the caption is just to much and I always try to leave it with a catchy caption. So by writing the thought behind them here I hope you will get a better inside than just a little sneakpeak. So here we go:

1, I just got this thing with socks. The weirdest socks just make me feel good, and I really want to share it with you all the time!
2, Have a disposable camera to a 3-day festival is so much fun. But then when the end is near and there a a few shots left. Well, there ain’t not place were we ain’t posing
3, Since i am in love with a simple white blouse I just love to shoot this in my room. My clothing rack is very empty and it just makes a perfect place for my shirt to shine
4, I arrived early at the Dance school but got the place all for my self. My dance partner was held up by traffic and I just took my spot in the mirror
5, Everytime I walk trough the city I just can’t he myself to walk into Hutspot. The shop is so beautiful an they sell amazing stuff!
6, This photo was made the same day as the on from hutspot. We walked trough the city all the long and ended up buying nothing but beers.
7. I always enjoy festivals so much. It’s just a little one day holiday that turned out to be a party! Dancing and socializing all day like!
8, The white wall across the street is just perfect for pictures. And since I just got the budget black t-shirts from Bristol I had to share it with you guys.
9, All we want festival was the festival where we got the disposable camera’s This was just one of the few pictures I made from the amazing vibe and amazing people there. Loved it!
10, My early birthday present from my lovely friends! They gave me this a week earlier so I could take it to the festivals <3 The Lamzac is just an amazing thing!
11, A little smoke before work with these amazing handmade shoes I got for a collaboration. They are handmade by women from Maroc where they get paid fair.
12, just a little outfit post before going to work.






































So yeah there are just some extra background thought about the photo I posted on Instagram lately. I’m going to make these every month with the most liked photo’s of the month 🙂

X, alex


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