Three basic watches

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Ever since I started as a blogger I am finding new styles, idea’s and accessories (like watches) I like so much. But does it fit me as a person? Does it compliment me or does it just looks nice on a mannequin? It’s a struggle we all have, and it’s a struggle that doesn’t end. But do we mind? Well, for me it is not a problem. There is enough stuff that I like and does fit me as a person and compliments me as well.

Finding and discovering new fashion item, styles and new designers is so much fun. Even if it doesn’t fit you at all, use it as inspiration! I actually use women’s fashion as an inspiration for myself. For example, one year ago I thought watches were not my thing. But look at me now, I’m a proud owner of three watches and I wear one every day.

In my opinion a watch is just like a pair of socks. It compliments you and your outfit and gives this little extra touch. And of course it is kinda handy when your phone is death and you don’t know the time. #Powerbank

Watches from left to right
Viktor Mortensen 40 mm silver ‘mesh trout’ with a black plate
Daniel wellington 40 mm classic sheffield in rose gold and a black leather strap
Vondel design 40mm classic men with brown leather strap and silver accents



There is a little secret I have to admit, I am actually not really good in reading a clock or watch. I am (and I think a lot of people) so used to read the time from my phone that I actually forgot how to read a fucking clock. Something that has existed for ages is now kind of overrated by the fact everybody carry’s a phone with them, which is pretty weird. But thats what we call revolution and it’s a good thing in my opinion. And it doesn’t take away that a watch is a really good fashion accessory.


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