Tips for perfecting your business emails


Let’s be honest, we all fuck up from time to time. Sending business emails can be hard and still plenty of professionals don’t seem to be mastered in this. Since I’m sending more and more business emails each day I tend to make silly mistakes I don’t really have to make.

By adding some changes to your ‘Business-email-list-to-check-before-I-click-send’ list you will look way more professional. It’s not wrong to make mistakes, and specially not when you are just starting out! But as my dance teacher always said: ‘Can’t make it? Fake It!’ Just master your skills with this little list I use whenever I send business emails.

1. The personal note

Starting your email with a personal note and end it with something personal and nice too. Checking someone’s Instagram to get to know the person and be able to to that. Don’t get creepy tho! Example: I saw you visited paris last week, awesome! Bad example: I saw on Instagram the other day that you were wearing the creepers. Do you really have a size 14?

2. Gmails 30 second delay

Everybody has sent an email and forgot to put on an attachment. But with the 30 second delay feature in Gmail you can simple click ‘Undo’ within 30 second after click send. And trust me, we’ve all been there!

3. The perfect end for email?

Writing a body of an email isn’t that hard, but making a perfect matching ending can be hard. For me, it works to sum up the steps the other person has to take. This way, the other person will know exactly what he or she has to do. Also chose the right words to end your email, like Warmest regards, best or looking forward for example.

4. Words you should avoid using

Some words could better be avoided using in emails. Stuffing up the other persons screen with ‘I’s and ‘Me’s’ is not a good idea. And also be careful with the word ‘but’, it sound kinda negative and that’s not what you are going for. Unless it’s a business email with a complain.

5. Sorry but not sorry

Apologizing to people in emails and assuming they would appreciate it. Saying sorry for responding really late isn’t gonna make anything right. By doing this you are making yourself look unnecessarily smaller in comparison to the other person.

So yeah, checking this list before sending your email to any business will help stepping up your game and will also make you look more professional. I hope you guys are able to use or learn from the tips.

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