Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

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Since Instagram is one of the biggest social media channels it’s time to stand out. I get the question on how I make/shoot my Instagram photo’s mainly on a daily base. Do I have a photoshoot everyday? Do my roomies shoot them? Or how do I generally  shoot my Instagram photo’s. The truth is, I make them myself. Of course I do have a photoshoot with a photographer every once in a while but most of them are made by myself. And it can be a real pain in the ass to actually shoot something you like, featuring yourself in the photo. But today you wil read it here, on lexpander.com, to make those marvelous looking Instagram photo’s yourself.

Note, this post only features the shooting process of Instagram photo’s and there are more posts following on tips, editing etc.

Step 1 | Camera

Camera isn’t everything these days, iPhones and other mobile devices are actually able to make some sick shots. Altho you do not have the possibility to change settings like on a camera a phone will be just fine. Like I used to use an iPhone 6s Plus for my photography a lot before I bored a camera from a friend. And yes … I do not own a camera but I am borrowing one from a generous friend. Those bloggers with millions of followers have personal photographer with them all the time which carries a 5000 dollor camera with them. Well, I wish I could afford something like that but I am satisfied with the one I use right now. a Canon EOS 500D with an EFS 18-55mm lens does the job for me.

Keep in mind, a phone will be fine as well!

Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

Step 2 | Lighting

One important thing that has massive impact on the quality of you Instagram photo is lighting. Something we probably all have find out already, natural light is and will probably forever be the best light to use when it comes to photo’s. A large window or outside is definitely the best option to shoot your Instagram photo’s either with your phone or a camera. A phone is trying to compensate lack of lights with it’s ISO settings, this will make your photo look grainy and unsharp (specially when you are going to edit it). A camera does the same thing, altho you have to adjust the settings yourself if you shoot in the manual thingy.

A big window with light, or outside, will eliminate the lack of natural lights and creates a bright photo you’ll probably like. Never ever use a flash, only if you know how to handle the thing. Below you’ll find three ‘beautiful’ selfies from me with he difference from natural light, flash and darker spaces.

Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

Step 3 | Tripod or buddy?

Like I said, I do have the opportunity to shoot with some photographers from time to time but you don’t need one. A friend will do just fine! Since not everybody owns a tripod, get one … if you re planning to take you Instagram photo’s to the next level this is definitely a must have. Since you won’t be around friends all the time and you probably don’t want to bother them with the question to take a photo of you all the time it’s a great investment. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, I for example own 2. One of them I bought on AlieExpress which was around 5 dollars, the other one I got for 15 dollars at a local store which is more for a camera.

Step 4 | But how do you work a tripod + Settings?

Bothering your friends to take photo’s of you all the time can be really annoying for them. But I am not saying using a tripod is quite easy, I still struggle with it all the time. Does it give my the satisfying photo I want? Yes … definitely!

The struggle I get from using a tripod is mostly when I use my camera. Your phone has a super fast auto focus thingy that will work just fine! Using a camera is where the struggle kinda starts, finding the right spot, get yourself to be sharp in the photo and settings.

So basically I use something I thought myself, and it isn’t really hard. I find the frame I want to be in by looking around through the lens and figure out what I like.
Find the spot you want to stand and look for something you can focus the camera on, like the photo below.

Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

So I found the spot I want to be in and I found something to focus on! but what’s next? Put the timer on and go? definitely not!

Switch the button on your lens from Auto to Manual focus, this way the camera will remain focused on the point you just chose to be sharp. Put your camera on a timer and put your camera + tripod back 1 meter and run in front of the camera. Putting your camera back one meter changes the focus point from the wall to 1 meter in front of it. Because you stand in front of the wall this will make sure you are sharpen and not the wall. Make sure to shoot a lot of them since not everyone will be as sharp as you won’t, or maybe you won’t look as fierce as you want.


Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

Instagram ready result:

Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do


And yeah guys, that is how I make my Instagram photo’s. It isn’t easy and most of the time it is still a struggle. Specially because people look at you in a weird way with eyes that are screaming ‘ WHAT DA FUKKKKK IS HE DOIN?’ but hé it works for me! Let me know how you shoot your photo’s!


Ultimate guide on how to make your own Instagram photo's | like I do

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