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If you are familiar with the Croeslaan you know the Korenbeurs closed their doors in July. The Korenbeurs was this restaurant which had its best time years ago. Now the new owners of the place, which also own Tiger mama and Ruig, renovated the place into a cosy, timeless, and hip restaurant/bar/cafe named Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim Utrecht

Uncle Jim is placed at Croeselaan 91 and is easy to acces from the city, just across the new Moreelsebrug. The menu featured Oysters, classic steaks, burgers, and veggie bowls. The concept of this menu is not something we haven’t seen before. Something we actually see all over the city, so how is this bar new and hip and why am I Blogging about this? You could say it is an old concept in a new coat. Uncle Jim differentiates itself by it’s interior and the surrounding where its placed in.

The city center in Utrecht is of course loaded with places like this, but the other side of the moreelsebrug is not. There are less restaurant, which live up to what is considered cool and hip now, and so they are using an old concept in a place where there is room for such a thing.

Uncle Jim Utrecht

Since Uncle Jim is placed near all the big business buildings it expects to attract a lot of people that come out of work. But also people visiting the Beatrix Theater or the movies at Kinepolis, is what the owner Jeroen Smeets says. The menu is made for a quick lunch or diner break but is also useable for a long evening in the restaurant.

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