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All those ‘over the top’ trends from America are slowly making their way to the Netherlands. Things like Museum dating being the new Tinder and the Instagram trend of showing off your belly. But today we’re talking about food trends, American food trends. With Dunkin’ Donuts opening their doors everywhere in the Netherlands we are already part of the big donut trends. But what’s better than having a donut on top of your coffee or milkshake? Yeah, we’re talking about that insane yet delicious trend! Book cafe Lewis Utrecht, located at Achter Clarenburg 39, is pouring your cup of coffee under a donut or two.

Lewis Utrecht | Book Cafe

It’s only a few months back that Britain, that store with all those jackets, was located on the spot where Lewis is now pouring your cup of coffee. A cafe that features these cute marble tables as well as some extremely graphic printed wallpapers. The combination of the two gives you this ‘homey’ vibe which is the vibe I look for in a cafe. The staff doesn’t wear any ridiculous outfit but just their normal clothes, which I just love.

While we were there we were able to strike an interesting conversation with the staff, who were telling us that some of the cakes and dessert were prepared using natural chocolate. The taste was unparalleled. Of course the conversation turned to what about the fact that chocolate is bad for you supposedly? Well, as our chef (the owner of the cafe) was telling us, there are different types of chocolate, and at its most natural it is actually good for you. He gave us a rundown of the highlights of chocolate health benefits, and it was a very interesting conversation. I ended up learning a lot of facts about chocolate I had absolutely no idea. It’s interesting to think that something you grew up thinking it was bad for you is actually good, when natural. It’s only after a big company has done god knows what to it that it becomes bad for our health.

Book cafe Lewis Utrecht LexpanderBook cafe Lewis Utrecht LexpanderBook cafe Lewis Utrecht Lexpander

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Next to it’s delicious drinks Lewis Utrecht has an all day breakfast menu which varies from Salads to grilled sandwiches and bagels. If you’re looking for a place to work quietly behind your laptop, Lewis utrecht is your spot. However it’s fine to go for a quick coffee on the go as well and to chitchat with your friends over some breakfast.

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